Hello! My name is Jessica Woudsma.

Once upon a time a farmer, now Full-Stack Developer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Currently Looking For

Passion is a word I've had a rocky road with. Not in the ice cream way. For the record, all ice cream is amazing. But I am looking for much more than ice cream in my life. Continued opportunities to learn and grow. That's what drives me. And I want to do that through code.

My bootcamp experience exposed me to both front-end and back-end development. They both intrigue me to no end. Most recently, I have been focusing on JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS.

I believe it is important that people feel welcomed and safe, where ever they go. This includes the internet. Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Security are all elements that I am interested in, and believe are essential to that ultimate goal- to make technology amazing and accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

Careers of the Past

I've chased llamas around a farm, supplied caffeine for the masses, and assisted municipalities to solve problems.

More recently, I worked at the Seward Community Co-op in Minneapolis for over 3 years, in a variety of roles. Started in grocery, then moved to wellness, and finally landed in scanning. Our small team maintained the database that kept the two stores, deli and cafe running, and it gave me the final inspiration I needed to dive into software development.

Things I Like

Wild food foraging

Plants for eating and looking at

Walks with podcasts

Cello, both listening and playing

Nature photography

Questions? Want to know more? Email me!